excessive drinking

by Christine
(Baltimore, MD)

My 13 yr old Senegal has been drinking a lot of water for about 1 yr. He will fill up his crop so much that he sometimes regurgitates. He does this throughout the day. I have always taken him to an avi vet regularly. In fact I have already had him twice for this problem. He has a full CBC & lead check every 6 months. My vet says that his kidneys are adequate but he is probably using the excess water to subsidize for the function his kidneys may be lacking. Does this seem reasonable? Should I get a second opinion?

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Nov 20, 2010
excessive drinking
by: Linda

Excessive drinking indicates kidney failure. It can also indicate that he is eating something salty which will cause kidney failure. No salt, sugar or other people poison. Feed birds bird foods only with an occasional treat of organic fruit or veggies.

A CBC is NOT a kidney function test. If the Avian Vet did not do a complete battery of tests for liver, kidney, thyroid and parathyroid function, they have not done their job, and your bird will die.

Get a second opinion before it is too late. Be sure and tell vet what this bird eats. If you are feeding salt, your bird will die in a lot of pain. This includes chips, salty peanuts or peanuts of any kind as peanut oil is poison, anything boxed usually has large amounts of salt including some frozen veggies. Any kind of human snack food is full of salt, sugar and fat. Human food manufacturers add lots of salt, sugar and fat because humans are basically addicted to all three. It is a way of selling poison that tastes good and keeps people coming back for more very similar to a drug junkie or alcoholic needing their drug of choice.


Nov 17, 2010
Get a second opinion
by: Tracie

I suggest you take the bird to a different avian vet to find out what is wrong. Dr B can not tell you if something major is wrong or if it is too late, because he doesn't know what is wrong with your bird.

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Nov 17, 2010
reply to Dr B
by: Anonymous

Yes, he had a x-ray about 1 yr ago--nothing showed up as unusual. Is it too late for another vet to help him if there is something major wrong?

Nov 16, 2010
Bird with excessive drinking
by: The Avian Vet

You should get a second opinion. Have you had x-rays done?

Dr B

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