Excessive Egg Laying

I have a female and male 7 year old Jenday Conures. Clutch mates..the female starting laying eggs last July. Layed #37 this morning. They wont nest them. The male hates them and breaks them. I even bought a nesting box but all they do is play in it. What is the precentage of fatalities of having the female spayed?

I have heard sometimes they wont wake from it. I know laying so much is dangerous too. I am giving her calcium drops to replace hers. I just need another opinion. Thank you.

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Apr 27, 2016
Ringneck dove won't stop laying
by: Anonymous

I'm worried she will get calcium depleted or egg bound if she continues doing this. She lays 2 eggs then sets for about 3 weeks, leaves nest.(I remove eggs and nest after she leaves it.) Eggs are not fertile. after about 5 days she lays eggs and repeats the process. She is presently on 2 very pale pink eggs. The previous eggs were white.

Apr 12, 2008
Don't take the eggs away
by: Kim

Is you removing the eggs? If you keep taking them away, the hen will continue to lay. Very bad for the hen. Best just let her sit them.
To break the breeding cycle (after the hen has sat her eggs until she is done with them) the lady can reduce the amount of daylight the bird gets (to about 8 hours a day max),
move the cage to a different location, change up the inside of the cage. Do not stroke the bird down the back.

Kim McCracken

Eggcentric Aviary

Apr 10, 2008
Jenday egg laying problem
by: The Vet

The most important issue with egg laying birds in what they eat. It is imperative that you put your birds on a pellet diet. Harrison’s is the best you can feed. Pellets are important because that is the only way to guarantee that you bird is getting a balanced diet. Calcium is very important, but, calcium cannot be absorbed without other vital nutrients given in the correct ratios with calcium. So, calcium drops are not going to help, and in fact can cause more problems. If your bird becomes nutrient deficient, then egg binding will occur and this is a very serious, life-threatening problem. Feeding pellets will eliminate this threat.

You do not want to encourage laying. Take away the nest box. Given that these are siblings, you do not want them to even have the slightest chance of breeding. And they will eventually get it right and you will have babies. Without a nest box that is unlikely to occur.

I do not recommend surgery to prevent egg laying. Risks of complications are high and taking the risk is unnecessary. If your bird is on a pellet diet, no ill affects will occur with egg laying even if she lays this many or more eggs.

Dr B

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