excessive molting and bare spots

by richard
(coweta oklahoma)

we got a bluefront amazon bird about a year ago it is 5 yeras old now and is molting to the point where she has pulled all of her chest feathers out and she has bald spots on her. she eats pellet foods and fruits my wife likes to feed her rics she cooks at dinner time some eggs ,i worrie iam told the old ownsers didnt give her much attion but that has changed with us we also know they have fought a lot with each other in front of her cause she will mock them and argue with her self

i am worried and not sure how to fix this problem i love our bird and we are always giving her attion when we first got her she was cage bound she would try to bite you when you would get her out(assuming she is female)but know she has calmed down and lets us play with her an she has not bite either one off us in a while .i live in coweta oklahoma and cant seem to find a avian vet near me please help me ,i want to fix what ever is causing this problem as soon as possible

thank you rick weaver

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Apr 05, 2011
Bird picking featherrs
by: Tracie

How sweet that you took this bird in and have loved it.

Your bird is not molting, it is either plucking or losing feathers due to an illness or allergy. If you are feeding colored pellets, switch the bird to a healthy pellet like Harrison's or Roudybush. The cheap pellets have sugar and chemicals that sometimes cause plucking and other health problems.

Also, stop all the table food. The chemicals and additives can also cause allergies and health problems that will cause your bird to pick at it's feathers. Feed only organic fresh fruits and vegetables, and only 20% of the diet should be treats, the other 80% should be a healthy pellet diet.

It would be best for you to drive to an avian vet now, but if you can't please do the above and see if that helps. If changing the diet doesn't work, then you will have to make the drive to where an avian vet is for an exam.

You can search for an avian vet on our Find an Avian Vet page, and there is a couple of links at the top of the page that you can search at also.

Please read the Feather Damaging Behavior article today for more information.

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