Extended expiry dates on bird food

by Tom G

Hi Tracie....just want to let you know that I received my package for this order today and everything looks great! I am especially pleased that you sent me product with extended expiration dates as it takes me quite a while to go thru seeds and pellets with my two little conures. Also it is good to know I have a reliable source to obtain these products as my local bird shops are either out of stock or don't carry them. GREAT JOB! Tom G

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Apr 23, 2010
Expiration date on bird food
by: Tracie

The expiry date on your parrot food does refer to the expiration date on an unopened bag. Some people like to save shipping and order more than one bag at a time.

As far as throwing out the pellets after 2 months, they say this because the nutritional value declines after the food is exposed to air. You should only order bags that you will use up within 2 months time.

Apr 23, 2010
Expiry date on bird pellets
by: Anonymous

It says on my bird pellets that they must be discarded after 2 months after opening regardless of expiry date. Is this not correct?

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