extended travel where we can not take a cockatoo with us

by Nancy

We plan on going on a trip for one month. Would our cockatoo be better off at home with a pet sitter coming twice a day or with my daughter and her family at their house? They work and are gone all day; however, they are home every evening and on weekends. We really want to do what is best for the bird.


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Dec 11, 2010
extended travel where we can not take a cockatoo with us
by: Linda

Toos are very sensitive, emotional birds who rely on a set schedule with people they know well. Staying with your daughter and family is a good idea IF they know your bird really well and have handled him a lot. If they have small children, and he is not used to them, this will be a disaster for all concerned. Parrots are afraid of small children because they move too fast and are more or less "scattered" in their thinking. This puts the birds on edge, and they will at times revert back to their wild behaviors since parrots are exotic wild animals first and foremost.

Leaving him alone all day is going to be a disaster whether it is with your daughter or with a sitter. I recommend you find someone you can trust who also knows how to handle your bird to come and stay in your home. Your Too will be more comfortable in his own home and will need someone HE trusts to take care of him. If he is used to one of you being there all the time, then this is what he needs while you are away.

As I say, try and find a house sitter, and make sure they are bonded and insured unless they are a family member or a very good friend. VERY IMPORTANT NOTE HERE is to write up a short paper giving whomever is caring for him the right to take him to an Avian Vet in case of emergency or illness. This is something most people forget to do, and vets WILL NOT TREAT someone else's animal or bird without a release form like this. Just say that, name, has your permission to take your bird to an Avian vet, and make sure they know the difference between Avian and dog and cat vet, and that you will take care of any charges upon your return. Then, your bird can receive medical services he needs if the need arises. Also make sure your Avian Vet's phone number is posted in plain site and show person where. Make sure they know how to get there and that they have a car for that and in order to buy fresh food if your bird likes certain veggies or fruit. Make sure they know parrots and that they know this bird. If you are going to hire a stranger, then have them come over at least a few times a week before you leave so you can show them how to clean cage and dishes, what to feed bird which should be ONLY bird food and no people food or snacks.Getting to know your Too is invaluable as well.

I know the Toos very well and love them very much, and I'm worried for his health and well being. I see you coming home to a very upset, sick and despondant bird who may very well be featherless from the stress if left alone so much or moved into a new home where you are not. A house sitter who is already acquainted with your bird and can come over and stay in your home is the best way to handle this situation.


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