Quality Discount Extra Large Macaw Cage is Easy To Clean and High Quality.

Extra Large Macaw Cage

Extra Large Macaw Cage

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Cage Colors Available

Cage Specifications:

SKU 8040FL

Extra Large Macaw Cage with Divider.

Non-Toxic and Bird Safe! Powder Coated Finish

* Exterior Dimensions: Width 80 " Depth 40 " Height 72"
* Interior Dimensions: Width 39.50" Depth 39.50" Height 64" Each Side
* Bar Spacing: 1"
* Bar Thickness 5 mm
* Welded Bar Design


* Super Tough Thick Bars Stand Up To Years Of Abuse
* Double Cage - Square Top
* Two Large Doors
* Center Slide Out Locking Divider
* Two Lower slide-out cleaning tray
* Screw in casters
* Two Interior Perches
* Four feeder doors and four feeding bowls
* seed guards are not available

Good for:

* Cockatoos; Moluccan, Umbrella, Triton, Palm, etc.
* Amazon; Blue Front, Double Yellow Head, Yellow Nape, Red Lored, etc.
* Macaw; Blue and Gold, Green Wing, Hyacinth, Blue Throat, Military, etc.
* Eclectus, Solomon Island, Vos Marie, Grande, Red Sided
* Medium and Large Breeding Pairs

Approx Weight: 290.00 lb. / each
Dimensions (LxWxH): 80.00 x 40.00 x 74.00 in.

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