eye infection

by diane

hello, i recused a conure parrot about 6 mon.he was hit by a car. i believe he was a pet but no one answered the ad. he had an injured leg and a injured eye. well, i started to give him marvel aid a broad spectrum antibiotic drinking solution but i was giving it to him with a syrings he was doing great. but really never got his eye from being blurry looking. but today i woke up and his eye is all crusted over swollen. a friend gave me baytril/dex drops 5 ml.

i started to give this to him today and i cleaned his eye with a warm washcloth. i really don't have the money to take him to a vet is there anything else that i should be doing or any other medican that i should give him? please let me know.. thanks Diane

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Mar 07, 2008
Bird eye infection
by: The Vet

You must IMMEDITELY stop giving the Dex! This is going to make his eye worse and make cause him to lose the eye if it has not already!

Never use over the counter medications! The marvel aid is not good for birds; it is ineffective and will only make things worse by masking symptoms! Antibiotics are never effective in the drinking water. He needs immediate veterinary care. There are no home remedies that I can recommend that will help with his eye problem.

Dr B

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