eye infection

by melissa
(nedrerland Texas)

Left bottom eye lid is swollen. Iris is reddish, pink in color. No noted drainage. The eye looks as though it is bulging out of the socket. No injury known. Bird does try to scratch at times. Any recommnedations.

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Jul 29, 2008
Bird with eye problem
by: The Vet

Take your bird to see an avian veterinarian immediately. It could be trauma or infection; ether of which can cause loss of sight and should be investigated immediately.

Dr B

Jul 28, 2008
re: eye infection
by: Kathy Heaton

Hi Melissa,

My birds bathe in their drinking water then rub their faces on perches, which can easily be a source of infection.

There aren't any certified avian vets in your area (the closest is in Houston unless you drive to TX A&M) but a small animal vet can prescribe a sterile opthamalic ointment (not just eye drops) for the conjunctivitis.

Good luck!

Check out Triangle Bird Club in Beaumont TX
www.trianglebirdclub.org when you have time...

Houston TX
South Texas State Coordinator,
American Federation of Aviculture

Jul 27, 2008
Not sure.
by: Anonymous

I am not sure if birds can get pink eye or not but this is what it sure sounds like to me. I would suggest taking the bird to a vet. Better to be safe than sorry.

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