eye injury

by peter j smith

my galah was badly bitten around the eye by a former male partner about 3 months ago for a month or so it was weepy and closed. she has healed nicely and her bad eye looks the same colour except the radius of it is quite a bit smaller.
any ideas?
thanks peter J

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Mar 16, 2012
Bird eye injury
by: The Avian Vet

Yes, you need to have this looked at by an avian veterinarian.

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Dr B

Mar 15, 2012
eye injury
by: Linda

Your bird needed to have been taken immediately to an Avian Vet for exam and treatment. She could be harboring an infection which is why eye continues to appear smaller as this could be infection.

Please take her to an Avian Vet ONLY in your driving area. Do not assume there was no infection if you have not taken her for an exam. If she has an infected eye, she could be in process of going completely blind, so do not wait any longer to get her the help she needs.

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