eye irritation from shampoo

by Annis
(Brooklyn NY 11209)

what can be recommended when pet bird happens to get in trouble with some liquid shampoo suds in one eye and has slight redness? Will this go away or should I use artificial tears lubricant for soothing and moisturizing? please let me know. Than you Annis

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Dec 16, 2013
eye irritation from shampoo
by: Linda

Well, my suggestion is to never use shampoo on a bird because even the most gentle human, dog or cat formula will be irritating to a bird's skin.Even those listed as safe for birds and made for birds can be irritating. Manufacturers want to sell products, and the truth of it is they don't really care about your bird. Birds do fine with being given a shower using a clean unused plant sprayer with warm filtered water in it. It is also a good way to wash perches and cage bars off, and there is no problem if a little water gets in bird's eye. Make sure water is filtered where all chemicals are completely gone as well as most of the minerals. In other words, you cannot use tap water because all tape water has been treated with dangerous chemicals added. Water in the US is basically nasty what with too much chlorine and fluoride being put into it. They put too much chlorine to help destroy some of the dangerous microbes found in it. Your bird needs to drink water that has been through one of the reverse osmosis filters such as the systems provided by water companies. We have an under the sink filter like this from the Culligan company that we rent. Birds, dogs and people always have clean water to drink though we still have to bathe in the dirty stuff.

For now, use only eye wash with a saline solution without any other chemicals in it. This means no prescription drops for use with contacts or for any eye problems.

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