Eye pinning to other people not owner

by Joe

My Indian ring-neck parakeet 'Ernie' pins his eyes in excitement for things like a small bell that he pushes around on the carpet, and at his reflection in mirrors. He also does it to a few of my friends.

This is my query, he does it to my friends, but not to my brother and myself. I would loooove to know if there is a way to get him to do it to us, as I have read that at the point of pinning,they are most likely to learn new things. When he pins its usually at the faces of my friends when he goes in to kiss them. He pins and clucks, whilst opening his wings a little behind him.

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Jan 31, 2012
Eye Pinning
by: Anonymous

Your bird sounds pretty well socialized. Good job.

It's true when birds are in learning mode they will pin thier eyes.
However, they will do it for other reasons as well, such as bittting.

Your bird is learning the different faces of the people you interact with, however, even tho it appears he's doing it with a bit of excitement bc of your friends, you should be careful, he could bite them.
Parrots are wild birds, they can, will, and do bite for no reason that we can see, sometimes they just do.

Make sure to watch his body language to ensure he doesn't bite someone. He doesnt do it to you or your brother bc he considered you apart of his flock. (family) Eye pinning and such isnt something you can train your bird to do.

However, I have an IRN as well, they are brilliant birds, train him to do a high 5. Or to play dead!

My neighbor is amazed at my newest bird, a 6 month old African Grey (who've I've had 4 wks now)and how quickly she's learned. She's trying to talk,(which will still be a while for her bc of age) but in 4 wks she's learned 5 tricks. (dog clickers work wonderfully in training your bird)

Birds need to be stimulated. They need input. Give him something to do and think about. You'll see his eyes pin allot more.

IRN's are also pretty good talkers... fact mine never shuts up. Teach him to talk if he doesnt already. He sounds as tho he loves attention, and this will get him more of it!

Remember watch body language when he's pinning his eyes, to prevent bitting. Bitting is a bad habbit birds get into easily!

Good luck, have fun!

Jan 31, 2012
Eye pinning to other people not owner
by: Linda

Pinning is an aggressive behavior whether it is for joy of a toy or for people he either likes or dislikes. Pinning can mean two different things, and I've had birds do it to me directly before biting me, so keep that in mind.

There is NO way to make birds do anything, so if he wants to pin you, he will or he won't. Lots of times, when this is done with bird's caretakers, it means they are about to bite you or kiss you and can be either one or both at any given time.

All it really indicates is a state of excitement for whatever reason.


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