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by samir

hi, i've got an african grey named maahour. the problem is that he started to scratch his left eye several days ago. his eye had become red a lit bit .the situation became worse when the eye changed to a sort of purple red and a little watery. he bas become sleepy for 2 days and lost any appetite for eating. he doen not open his red eye and sleeps all day. he has no other problem like feather problems or nose problems.besides his eye is not puffy and the other one is totally fine.please help me if u have any special advise.

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Feb 01, 2013
eye problem - AG
by: Linda

Your bird does not need any other problems since he is most likely dying from an infection that is out of control. The red/purple you are seeing in the eye is called blood, so he is in bad shape.

Please find an Avian Vet ONLY somewhere in your driving area. Below is a link for help finding someone in your area or who can direct you to another avian vet closer to you. I do hope there is one you can get to because your bird needs to be diagnosed and treated by only an avian vet or he will die.

Please use this Find an Avian Vet link to find an avian vet.

If your bird has already stoped eating, he is not going to last much longer. Birds caannot go for more than a day without food and water before their organs begin to fail like the kidneys and liver.

Talk with the avian vet about feeding him using a syringe or spoon. He will have to be fed baby parrot handfeeding formula several times a day to get the correct kind of nutrition in him to keep him alive. Ask the avian vet about where you can find this. Feeding is not easy with a very sick bird, and it involves a person to keep bird steady on a table or by the kitchen sink and the other person to handfeed.

A sick bird always stops eating if left untreated, and even when we try and handfeed them, they don't want the food. As long as your bird is as sick as he is, nothing is going to make much difference until avian vet diagnoses type of infection and gives you the correct meds to treat it.You may want to leave bird with the avian vet so they can begin to get medicine and food and water into him for a few days. They can also show you how to do it and tell you how often when you come to get your bird. Since sick birds don't want to eat, you can only get smaller amounts into them at a time which means feeding maybe 4 times a day just like with very young baby parrots.

Hopefully you will find an avian vet before he dies which will not be much longer if he's stopped eating and drinking. So sorry he is having to suffer, and am hopeful you can find an avian vet very soon.


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