Eye problem Orange Winged Parrot

I have an amazon orange winged parrot and he is holding his left eye shut this morning - there are no other symptoms yet he is eating drinking ok etc - no discharge and eye is not red or anything what would you advise please?

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Oct 06, 2009
eye problems in parrots
by: Anonymous

I have only just seen this during a desperate search on the internet for help.... my blue-fronted amazon has had a sore/semi-closed and dull eye for 10 weeks now. She has spent 2 weeks in a vet hospital, had blood tests, fecal tests, X-rays, eye drops, baytril, metacam - and £650 later, she is not better. Apart from the eye, she is eating reasonably well, but is more subdued than usual. An aviary bird, I now have her inside. Does ANYONE have any useful experience or advice on this? Vet has ruled out psitticosis, aspergillosis, infections.

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Dec 26, 2008
Take your bird to the vet
by: Tracie

I just found out that your question never made it to Dr. B. I am sorry about that.

At this point in time, if your bird still has an eye problem then you must take your bird to be seen in person by an avian vet. Dr. B would have told you that if he had answered your question because he can not diagnose over the Internet.

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