Eyelid redness

by Rose
(Chandler, AZ)

My umbrella cockatoo has been a feather plucker since we got her as a rescue bird over 10 years ago. The avian vet we took her to said she would never recover her feathers because she had destroyed her feather follicles.

She has recently (in the last 6-8 months) taken to self-mutilation mostly of her ankles but it has now expanded to her upper thighs and one hip and to an area on her chest. I treat this with vitamin E, Avi Soother Plus cream, Avi Soother topical spray. In addition, I'm giving her chamomille in her water with two scoops of Avi Calm and Avi Calm in a spoonful of yogurt or peanut better one each daily.

The Avi Calm seems to help her. She heals pretty fast. In a couple or three days, her wounds heal but after a few days or a week, she goes after them again. Now, I've noticed that the blue area around her eyes has little reddish spots mostly at the top lid. I have seen flakey skin on her body and have increased her palm oil giving it to her in a small bit of peanut butter and have included those dry areas in with my Soother spray application.

She hates showers and almost hurts herself when we take her to the shower/tub. She does occasionally bathe herself in her water dish by splashing a few drops on herself and then thinking she's really wet.

The last couple of days, she has stopped eating her grapes which she would just devour before. We give her corn, peas and lima beans in addition to Harrison's Coarse and Adult pellets. Occasionally, I'll give her some millet which she really loves. I also give her the power treat pellets by Harrison.

Outside of taking her to the vet for a very expensive blood test, I don't know what else to do for her. We both work during the day so she is alone in the house with two sun conures and a parrotlet who share the same room in their own cages and have for some years. We have recently filled her cage with wood toys that she can shred. She has gone through a couple of hundred dollars worth of wood over the last 3-4 weeks now. She is out of her cage for a total of about 5-6 hours a day.

We have noted over the last 2 years that she occasionally has what I would call a seizure where her one leg is weak or she has one eye closed and is very still. I don't know if this has anything to do with her skin problem, but it is something we do watch for.

I'm worried that she is in pain, has arthritis or something like that and that is why she is chewing on herself. I don't know what to do for any pain she may be having. Any recommendations you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Oct 30, 2008
Eyelid redness, seizures and plucking problems
by: The Vet

Your only option is to take her in to see a specialist. A board certified avian veterinarian is need to sort out these problems. For just the little bit you have shared with me, I feel that there is a real medical problem here, and not just a behavioral issue.

The petechia on the eye lid and the seizures are significant. Has anyone looked in her ears? In my opinion, spend the money on a vet visit and don?t buy wood toys until you are able to determine what is causing this. Your bird?s life is at stake.

Dr B

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