Fabric Parrots/Birds Don't Like

by Kim
(Littleton, CO)

Is there a certain fabric that parrots/birds do not like? I'm looking for a fabric that they cannot peck at. Thanks in advance.


Kim Simon

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Jun 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

Personally I use kevlar for my birds.

Pretty hard to chew through such a material. Considering it is used in body armor/bullet proof cests.

Of course this is not a cheap solution.

The cloth I have is pure black. Works perfect.

For birds that are scared of bright colors. That usually just means they have not been exposed to enough.

Jun 09, 2011
Fabric Parrots/Birds Don't Like
by: Linda

If you are looking for fabric with which to make a cage cover, cottn/polyester blend sheets will work for that. Make sure all fabrics are of the pastel colors or if using darker colors make sure they are a flat green or blue because birds are very frightened of bright prints or colors. A soft blue, pink, green or ivory would work really well. I have no idea whether or not they will chew on the fabric as this varies from bird to bird. I suggest you wait until bedtime to cover your birds like around 9pm and then once lights are out, there should be no chewing. Also make very sure you leave about 6" open around the bottom so they can get good air circulation. This will even work in the winter because they still need air circulation.

The poly/cotton blend will work, and 100% poly may work better as it tends to be warmer. We have a custom made double Macaw cage cover(HUGE!), and it is made of 100% poly in a nice darker shade of green. We cover birds winter and summer. In summer, we leave the front open and in winter the entire cage is covered down to about the 6" mark for air circulation.

As I said, whether they will chew on fabric or not is yet to be seen, so you may want to go with 100% cotton for the summer because poly will cause problems if ingested while cotton can impact the crop but can can removed by an Avian Vet if needed. It is not good for them to ingest any fabric, so be watchful. Remove covers first thing in the morning and put away. By the time winter arrives, they should be used to their covers and you can then use a poly cotton blend or all poly as it holds up much better to washing and drying. I only wash and dry ours like once a month as it is so large, and basically is taken off early morning and stored away until the next night.

Make sure you are up early to remove covers from cages as this is when they normally do their chewing. So, you do want covers they will like because they will freak out if you use colors or prints that are gaudy and loud as this scares them badly. Diligence will work about the chewing, so try the nighttime cover and remove very first thing when you get up to reduce chances of chewing.

Thanks for writing,

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