Faithful Return Customer

by Lisa
(Oak Harbor, OH USA)

I usually don't do comment sections, but thought this one deserved it. I researched long and hard on a good seed and pellet food for my Bourke Parakeet. She had been underfed and ignored prior to coming to my house. (I don't usually rescue birds, but this poor thing needed it). As soon as I got her she spent days at the vet with a less than 40% chance of survival.

She took immediately to the Totally Organics Pellets. I do have to chop it up in a food processor for her, but she absolutely loves it. (That is along with all of the fresh veggies and fruits.) I doubt she will eat any other pellet if it were offered. Thank you so much for the healthy food. She is alive and well and always awaiting her next meal. She also loves the Napoleon's Organic Seed Mix. Service is extremely fast too!!! Thanks again.