falling off perch

by Kelly

We recenhetly took away our 1 year old quaker parrots cozy hut because she was molting and "mating" with it. Now she falls at night. How can we keep her safe and comfortable?

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Apr 26, 2012
Thank you Linda
by: Kelly

What a relief it is to hear she can have her bed back. thank you so mich for responding

Apr 16, 2012
falling off perch
by: Linda

Get her another cozy once her molt is done. As for the mating with it, this is harmless, normal behavior and not something that should worry anyone. You can also try covering her cage at night with a light-weight cloth. Make sure it leaves a couple of inches all around the bottom so air can circulate. We use a polyester bird cage cover that washes and dries easily and quickly. If you notice her eating it, you'll have to remove it. Since you did not mention her eating her cozy, I'd assume she won't eat her cage cover either. Birds need around 12 hours of peaceful, quiet darkness in which to sleep every night. This means being in a room away from family and noise including computers and tv's.We use a low light night lite in our Amazon's room or one can be put in an adjoining room so it provides a very faint light. When cage is covered, it does not matter except that even a faint light can keep the night terrors away.

Cage covers need to be either pastel or more peaceful solid colors like green, light or dark, blue, light or dark, pale pink, blue or green. Birds react unfavorably to bright colors especially prints that are made using loud vibrant colors, and red is a very bad color for anything to be in their immediate environment. For sleeping, you want bird to be covered in a peaceful, serene color. Colors affect birds in either good ways or bad depending on how loud and vibrant colors are. Even with toy parts, the duller colored wooden toy parts work better than the brightly colored acrylic ones. People are the ones who like the acrylic brightly colored toys as parrots prefer safe wood toy pieces to chew on.


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