family friendly bird!!

by kathryn

Hi, We currently have a Rainbow Lorikeet in our family but i find him at times to be a little aggressive/grumpy and can occasionally bite. we are currently looking at re-homing him as i am afraid he will bite my children (i really don't want them to be afraid or put off birds because of this).

Because i love birds and would want to get another one, i would like to know what type of bird people recommend getting as a 'family bird', that is less likely to be aggressive/grumpy i know all birds have the potential to bite, but what birds might have a slightly nicer nature?

We were thinking maybe a cockatiel???

Thanks in advance.

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Jun 23, 2009
Rainbow Lorikeet
by: Diego

ill take him

May 01, 2009
Biting Parrots
by: Anonymous

Welcome to the world of parrots. They all will bite under certain circumstances. Some of the worst bites I've had came from some of my tame, handfed baby Cockatiels. If your bird is not used to being around children, he will be grumpy and out of sorts and bite you if not them. Children move too fast for birds, and until they are old enough, about ten years old, their time around bird should be limited, and they should always, always be supervised whenever they try and handle any parrot.

Parrots are wild creatures, no matter whether handfed or not. They are not domestic animals, and even the best of them will bite if afraid or nervous. You need to hit the books and the internet and find out more about who parrots really are. They are not toys, and they will bite.

I would try and find a proper home for your bird, and until you understand the true nature of parrots, I'd recommend you have no birds in your home.

I'm not trying to be mean, and I have seen too much misunderstanding of the true parrot nature not to be blunt about this. It is for your family's highest and best good. There are no parrots who will never bite unless they are sick or dead.

Apr 27, 2009
by: Anonymous

A cockatiel would be a great choice. Make sure it is hand fed. Mine just wants to be with me all the time. If I get out of site she will come looking for me. I do suggest a getting a male so you don't have to deal with egg laying and I've been told the males whistle tunes and sometimes talk. Be sure to clip the wings because they are expert at flying and every year I see ads in the paper for lost cockatiel's especially in the spring.

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