Farewell my loving grand baby Choas.

by Kralice4u
(Greenville, NC )

Me and MY precious grandbaby Chaos - Jenday - Nanday Conure Cross

Me and MY precious grandbaby Chaos - Jenday - Nanday Conure Cross

There is no words known to man that can discribe the pain that I feel over the loss of my sweet baby Conure (Chaos).
He was hatched out on 04/09/08 and his life ended 09/13/08.
He was a cross between a Jenday Conure and a Nanday Conure.
I called him my grandbaby because I call his parents my children.
He earned the name of "Chaos" because he had a fun and destructive behavior.
He would always Squawk upon entering any room to let everyone know that he had arrived.
No matter what I was doing, he felt he had to be a part of it.
He would peck on my glass shower door to enter and shower with me.
He would sit on my shoulder when I ate and try to steal a piece of food when I would bring food up to my mouth to eat.
When I drank anything he would quickly grab the straw and take off running with it.
Little did he know that I always got two straws because I knew he was going to take one.
Anything that I had in my hands he always felt that he had to investigate it to see what it was (as if I needed his approval to touch anything, LOL).
Chaos would often excite the other birds by sticking his beak (when any of them tried to eat) in the food and moving his head from side to side throwing seeds or fruit on the floor.
He would jump and splash in my Pit Bull's water dish, but only when she went to take a drink.
He would approach the dogs when they were asleep to preen the hair in their ears.
He was the first to greet me every morning because he would get out of his cage and crawl up my covers and begin to softly peck on my ear or preen my eyebrows.
If I did not wake up when HE felt that I should he would squawk and squawk until I said somthing to him.
Chaos was on my shoulder in the car. I opened the door to pour some water out and unknown to me, he had jumped off my shoulder in between the door.
When I closed the door, I closed my baby in it.
He had NEVER done this before. He always jumped on the back of the head rest of either seat when he got in the car.
I should have been more careful and never taken for granted that he would be on the head rests of the seat.
He died looking into my eyes as I cried and pleaded with God to spare him.
A part of me died that day. I have many birds (of different species), but chaos was so special.
I breed Conures and sell them, but Chaos had picked me and secured residency in my home for what I thought would be a long time.
He was very young but he was already learning tricks. His favorite was to fetch a small ball and bring it to me. Oh how he loved the praise when I would grab him up and tell him how smart and wonderful he was for retrieving it.
Chaos had already learned to say two words at such a young age: "Grandma" and "Water".
When he wanted my attention he would squawk loudly and yell "Grandma" over and over until I acknowledged him.
The pain of losing him has been one of the greatest obsticals that I have tried to overcome in my life.
I have lost babies (birds) in my many years of handling them, but none have left such a profound impact of grief upon my heart as Chaos has.
I thank the Lord for the time that He allowed me to have with Chaos. I am also thankful to everyone that has given me their condolences and love during this time of loss.
If I could tell Chaos anything right now,it would be:
Grandma is so sorry that she was so careless that day.
I wont EVER say Goodbye for you shall live FOREVER in my heart. I love you and my world will never be the same without you.

The story written about Chaos earlier this year:

Chaos is a a Hybrid as a result of a Nanday and Jenday conure falling in love and breeeding. He was hatched out on April 21st and there has not been a dull moment since.

Now that he is able to wander about on his own, he LOVES to follow me everywhere! I mean there are no exceptions! He follows me to the bathroom and is not content until he has managed to climb on top of my head.

In the mornings when I shower, here comes Chaos. I put a towel on the side of the tub and he just crawls up and dives in. I have three other baby birds and when I put food down to feed them, they happily enjoy their meal until Chaos comes in and jumps between them and starts flinging seeds around.

He also loves to bathe in my dog's water dish, but only when she goes to drink out of it.
He loves to take a morsel or two out of her food dish as well. It does not bother Chaos that one of my dogs is a Pit Bull terrior. Size does not matter to him and fortunately, she does not mind Chaos.

Whenever I sit down to do anything, Chaos has to help. In the picture that I submitted, I was going to fill out some forms, but Chaos decided that he needed the pen more than I did. He tries to help me type when I am on the computer as well.

Whenever I drink anything and use a straw Chaos wont stop until he has taken the straw out of the drink and crawled on my shoulder to chew on it. It is nothing unusual to see him laying on his back playing with a toy or anything else that interests him. He is truly an entertainer! I would be lost without this little bundle of joy!

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Comments for Farewell my loving grand baby Choas.

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Sep 20, 2008
My heart goes out to you.
by: Anonymous

That was a very touching story. I know these little fellows can enter your heart in their own special way and remain there always.
It is a very hard time to let them go but we do have those memories which last forever.

Sep 17, 2008
So sorry for your loss
by: Tracie

This is so very sad. I hurt for you inside. I am thankful you posted this, I know it must have been hard, to help others learn from your mistake.

Others have also learned what a great relationship they can have with a bird if they take the time and make the effort.

You will be on my heart and mind for a long while, I will be praying for you.

Sep 17, 2008
by: Linda

I am SO VERY SORRY for the loss of your baby!!! I know exactly how U feel!!!!!

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