fartting bird???

So, Im in the process of changing seed diet to harrisons. I don't know forsure but I think my Tim has gas. He's never close for me to say forsure but I'm almost positive. Diet change or time for vet visit?

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Jan 13, 2013
fartting bird???
by: Linda

It is not normal for a bird to have gas at all, and it is not normal for them to develop it while changing from seeds to pellets. Hopefully, you are following the directions given in article written by avian vet about how to go about the change.

Also, you do not need to be feeding any other types of protein while making the change. A little of the recommended veggies would be okay, and just make sure any green food or fruit are no more than 10-15% of total diet which means small amounts a few times a week.

So, if you are following directions, not feeding any extra protein foods especially any animal protein, then your bird may have an infection.

We recommend not beginning any dietary changes until bird has been throughly checked out by an avian vet because a bird who is sick or getting that way does not need the extra stress of dietary changes.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

I suggest you have your bird checked out as soon as is possible because having gas is a very dangerous thing with birds since if they are eating correctly, they do not have gas.

Let us know what avian vet has to say and make sure you are following Harrisons' guidelines as for any kind of extra foods.


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