fatboy sun conure - sudden aggression

by lynn
(glendale, ky)

I have had my sun conure for appox. 10 years, It has always been very nice. I let it out to fly around house & play. I have a huge bird cage for it. Lots of toys & treats. It has adapted well to grandkids which are now 7 years old. They treat (fatboy) very nice. Fatboy is kept in the formal livingroom in front of a big window and loves it. I did not want to put fatboy in a secluded area. MY problem is last week I let him out to fly around the house, and fatboy started attack me, I thought that was bad, he then attacked my grandchild, he had never done this before, he sits on my shoulder, plays. I am totally shocked and he has not improved I put him a new toy in his cage and he attacked my hand and tried to bite me. He is acting very aggressive. I don't no what has happended. Any suggestions???

thanks lynn

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Apr 29, 2008
sudden aggression
by: Tracie


It is hard to say what might be the problem. It could be hormonal, it could be something new in the house, something new he can see outside, or maybe even a new laundry detergent that makes your clothes smell.

Try to separate yourself from the pain you feel in your heart and try to look at the world from his perspective. Sometimes this helps in solving the problem.

There are some Conure groups you can join that have a lot of people that can help you too. I have links to a couple of groups on our homepage. One is NewConures and the other is Our Feathered Friends.

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