fatty liver diseas in african grey

by amir
(iran tehran)

hi there, i have an african grey parrot and she fed only sunflower seeds for two years,I worry about the fatty liver problems,i changed
her diet to fruit and vegetable,i wanted to use aloe detox but i couldnt find any in my country,i want to ask if it is ok to give her aloe vera products? or milk thistle products?or fresh aloe vera? and how much per week?
i take her to avianvet but he wasnt good one and he couldnt answer my questions,also there is not any parrot expert avianvet in my
city,please help me thank you

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Jun 08, 2012
Fatty Liver in Parrot
by: Sultana Zamani

I read about your African Grey Parrot's fatty liver. What is she actually suffering from? Is
she is in pain? I have two ring-neck parrots and
I feed them everything so there is a lot of variety
in their diet. I am from India but have lived in
Iran, Tehran for 15 years so if there is anything
else you would want to know about your parrot let
me know because I have a sister who lives in Tehran and their friends have a lot of birds so
maybe they can help you. (Your personal information was removed, but sent to Amir)
Inshallah hope your bird gets better soon.

Jun 06, 2012
Avian vet in Iran
by: Tracie

Please contact this avian vet, because it is very difficult to give advice to people in other countries. Dr B does not suggest the things you are wanting advice for.

Farshad Zakeri DVM, AAV member; Dr. Zakeri Avian Clinic

No 88, Jomhouri Blvd. Shiraz, Fars, Iran Tel: 98 (711) 2296223 HP: 98(917) 3199242 Post code: 71446-64341 - e-mail: farshadzakeri@aol.com

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