by Werner
(South Africa)


My Alexanderine is 5/6 months old I got him when he was 8 wks, he had the cutest personality till recently, he had 1 tail feather that was hurting him badly, so my wife and I trimmed it, while trimming we covered him with a cloth.

since this incedent he is really fearful on anyone and bites without being aggravated, He does still sit on my shoulder, but each time I want to pick him up he "flies" away from me!

Please tell me what I did wrong and how to remedy this behaviour thowards me.


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Mar 04, 2009
Fearful bird
by: Tracie

It sounds like your bird no longer trusts you. You will have to earn it's trust again. Spend time with your bird and watch it's body language. Once you see that it is getting scared, stop and don't push.

Once the bird sees that you are interested in what it wants and that you are not going to force it to do anything, then you will be able to be friends again.

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