feather color

by David

My three year old male Eclectus has black tips on his feathers.He acts ,eats and poops normal. I just ordered some full spectrum cfs's hoping that will help.

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Apr 20, 2013
feather color
by: Linda

Yes the full spectrum lights are a must for birds, reptiles and fish. the light coming through windows is not anywhere close to full spectrum and will barely support plant life. The full spectrum lights do not have to be used all day long, and if they are on all day, it won't hurt your bird. If you notice him becoming hyper active, then use them a few hours a day and not all day. Reptiles are especially sensitive to the effects of full spectrum light and if they have too much they will become hyper active and even aggressive. Birds are much the same.

Diet is also of paramount importance, and part of your bird's diet needs to be high quality organic pellets like Harrison's or one of the other organic ones found here. Birds' immune systems, nervous systems and skin/feathers are only as healthy as their diet and other environmental factors.

Keep in touch and thanks for caring enough about your bird friend to ask the right questions.


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