Feather Loss

by Jason
(Bronx, New York City)

Feather loss around beak

Feather loss around beak

I have a house sparrow that I rescued as a baby and have raised for a year. Recently he started losing his down feathers around and below his beak. There is only exposed skin in those areas now. I suspect it may be iron storage disease, as this is a symptom.

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Apr 20, 2013
Sparrow with feather loss
by: The Avian Vet

Certainly nutritional problems are common in captive wild birds as we are not able to meet their nutritional needs easily. There are no formulated diets designed for this species and other diets are extrapolations based on general nutritional requirements, often having excesses and or deficiencies of nutrients. Additionally it is difficult to balance their diets without knowing their requirements.

Diagnosing (hemochromatosis) iron storage disease is generally done via liver biopsy. Other diseases can lead to feather loss, too. Including parasites, and dermatitis. I recommend that you have your bird seen by an avian veterinarian for diagnosis and proper treatment.

Dr B

Apr 20, 2013
Feather loss
by: Alex

It is so nice to hear you saved the baby sparrow, and that proves that there are Samaritans out there who greatly care for animals.

There are so many diseases, disorders and behavioural issues which could be the cause of the feather loss.

There are too many to list

Your bird needs to see exactly what the problem is, we cannot diagnose the reason over the internet. Only an avian vet in person visit can determine exactly why the bird is losing feathers and what treatment and advice they can give.

DO NOT give any supplements, vitamins or medicines unless prescribed by an avian vet. You could kill your bird.

Good Luck!

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