Feather Picking / Over preening?

by Lisa
(Bedfordshire, UK)

Hello, My 6month old conure seems to be picking at his tail feathers and couple on his wings. They look abit shreaded under neath, i dont know if his over preening or has mites or something?

I took him to vet and they said it was feather plucking, and to test him for chlamydia- which has nothing to do with feathers? And plus hes not pulling them out?
He has a big cage with plenty of toys, seeds and fresh fruit n veg everyday, lots of attention and cuddles etc.
Apart from the feathers he seems totally happy!
I have brought some mite spraym and rain mist spray to help.
He only has one tail feather left, and has just broke his last flight feather whilst playing around.
Also the feathers have not been pulled out completely, will these grow back ok?

Please, please can someone help me on this, as i dont know whats best to do, hes my little boy and i want to fix him! should i go to another vet for second opnion?

Appreciate anyones help!


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Dec 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

I have a female sun conure and she went thru that stage but she plucked them so hard there was blood on the walls and I was horrified!! When I took her to the vets they told me it was like she was going thru a female cycle and that it would stop and it did and all her feathers did grow back so not sure if that helps as yours is a male

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