feather plucking and egg laying

by sandra cassell

I have a 9 yr old sun conure,cowboy. This morning I took him out of his cage and all his chest, back and leg feathers were gone.
This evening my
cowboy laid an egg !!!! I have been beside myself with worry. After putting HER to bed and checking on her she has plucked more feathers....
I have fooey which I srayed on her.
I will try to get her in with the vet tomorrow. Looking for anyone that can give me advice.
I have another conure which we got at christmas, unsure of the sex. Both have bonded well.

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Jul 13, 2010
feather plucking and egg laying
by: Linda

Get your bird to an Avian Vet soon as you can and have her checked out thoroughly for any infections. Also have some basic bloodwork done to see how her Kidneys, liver, thyroid and parathyroid are functioning. DO NOT USE ANY MORE OF THE FOOEY ON HER, AND NEVER USE ANY OVER THE COUNTER MEDS OR HOME REMEDIES AS ALL WILL MAKE BIRD WORSE UNTIL SHE IS PROPERLY DIAGNOSED AS TO WHAT PROBLEM COULD BE. Throw away all the eggs before she tries to eat one. She will die from albumin poisoning if she eats an egg that has been there for an hour or more, so just throw them away. Make sure Avian vet knows about the egg, and try and find reason for the plucking as well. Birds not eating a wholesome diet sometimes have feather and skin problems, so make sure birds are eating organic pellets which Tracie sells out here for a decent price.

Here is an article, written by an Avian vet about how to change over from seeds to pellets. If eating only seeds, your birds are unhealthy, and will have one thing or another all the time.

Switching Birds to Pellets article.

So, to sum up, get your bird into see an Avian Vet soon as you can. You may have to drive a ways to one, and you will just have to do it. Dog and cat vets cannot diagnose or treat birds and can actually kill them if they try, so find an Avian Vet. Sometimes regular dog and cat vets will have an Avian Vet on staff, so you can start in the yellow pages and look at the ads or call.


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