feather plucking food?

is there a food that helps?

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Aug 16, 2009
by: Linda

High quality organic pellets like Harrison's can help to maintain your bird in top form. An all seed diet is not adequate, and your bird will suffer in the short and long term as seeds just don't have everything they need to be healthy and happy. People or table food is always BAD for parrots, so do not even start feeding him that. Once a habit is established, it is much harder to break.

Feather plucking is usually also a problem with nervousness, stress and even illness, so a trip to your Avian Vet would be a great idea.

Cages need to be large enough so birds can fully extend their wings and flap without hitting them on sides. They need toys that are changed out at least once every two months and natural wood, branch perches safe for birds. They also need a lot of time outside of cage so they feel free, and they need plenty of time with you as parrots are highly intelligent and emotional creatures needing the same things we do. They have the emotional and mental development of 4-5 year old children, and get bored easily. If left in a cage all the time, they will pull out all their feathers and then sometimes resort to mutilating their bodies.

So, get him on a really good diet, take him to vet to see if he is ill with an infection or parasite, make sure his toys are interesting and have wooden pieces he can chew on. Birds also like cotton rope to "preen", so make sure he has some wooden toys strung on the 100% cotton rope. Do not use nylon as this can get wrapped around feet, legs, heads, beaks and will choke them if any is swallowed. The natural, soft fiber of cotton is what you always need to use.

Let us know what Avian vet has to say, and thank you for writing.


Aug 16, 2009
Food for feather pluckers
by: Tracie

There is not any food that keeps birds from plucking. If your bird is plucking due to a food allergy, then changing to an organic food like Harrison's or Totally Organics will help your bird stop plucking.

Please read the articles we have on parrot health and feather plucking/destruction on our Parrot Training page for more information on this subject.

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