Feather plucking

hi there

my indian ring neck parrot male suddenly started losing his features i took him to the vet he examined him and he told me its not insects and hes plucking them,, there was a female in the next cage which was very aggressive towards him once so i put them seperately,,, till now they are seperate but his features grow and i feel hes pulling them out or eating them out his chest is empty now and i scared he will die like this cause of his features,,,, i spray him with water and put him in the sun everyday approx.... so what do u think and how long will the features take to grow hes eating normally and excreting also normally,,,,,,,,,, pleassssse advice me DR>


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Feb 12, 2008
Need more information for Vet
by: Editor

We can't make heads or tails of your letter, sorry.

It sounds like your bird is plucking it's feathers? If the Avain Vet has done blood tests and can not find an infection or other medical problem, then there are still a few things that can help.

Please copy and paste this link into your browser and read what the vet suggested to another person with a feather plucker.


Feb 12, 2008
feather plucking
by: Anonymous

he needs more time out of his cage.

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