Feather plucking

We have an aviary of all male birds - cockatiel, rosellas, red rump, barraband etc - well apart from a wrongly sexed Rock Pebbler who turned out to lay eggs last year! - and the adolescent Crimson Rosella keeps on plucking out his own feathers.

He is showing signs of what I interpret to be jealousy towards the Rock Pebbler and her 'mate' a Blue Ring Neck who have become inseparable and wonder if this behaviour might be as a result of frustration/jealousy, or should we take him to a vet.

There are no skin problems visible in him or any other birds.

He has been doing this for over a year now.

Thank you if you can help,

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May 07, 2008
aviary bird plucking
by: The Vet

I do not think that these different species should be housed together They are from different continents - the Barraband from South America, the ring-necked from (India or Africa? I am not sure which species you have) and the rest from Australia. This set up may be a stressful situation and may be contributing to the plucking. This potentially could be avoided with a VERY large cage, but they are still from different continents and should be separated. There may be some flock pecking order that is contributing to he plucking as well. There are probably a million other reasons a bird will pluck - diet, light, cage size, flock pressures, low humidity, and of course, disease.

I don't know enough of your birds' situation to diagnose this problem and you should take him to see an avian veterinarian.

Dr B

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