feather plucking

by Selena DeMarco
(Rowland PA)

i have an african grey whois 17years old, three days ago he started plucking his feathers and now has no feather were he can reach. he has never done this before in all theses years. we had a change to our house three weeks ago. our birds are in a huge room about the size of two big bedrooms and three weeks ago out our older son had to move home, so his siter gave up her room for him and moved into the room that the birds are in. after a week we hung curtins to give her some privicy, they r light pink and about12 feet from the birds area, the birds have windows all around in this room and lots and lots of light. we r not sure if the change could have done this. i had noticed he was showing some signs of getting excited when i would come around. now my other two parrots r females and they try to mate with items in there cage alot, but he doesnt and this is why i lean towards it being a boy.

i have moved his cage out of that room and bath him alot more andf have resorted to taking him around the house with me because if i leave him out or on top of his cage or even in it he countines to pluck and he only has down now and done all of this in a three day span. can anyone help me he isnt showing any signs of being sick and has been around the other two birds for almost his whole life. thank you

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Feb 11, 2013
Bird plucking feathers
by: Tracie

Please read this Feather Damaging Behavior article written by our avian vet for more information about feather plucking and chewing.

I suggest you take your bird in for a check up, just in case it is ill. Stress can cause plucking and also weaken the immune system, so it could be either.

Feb 11, 2013
by: Anonymous

First recommendation, time for him to get to a DOCTOR! After a Doctors check up, evaluation if you get back an OKAY in HEALTH then the CHANGE did something to your bird. / It is hard to assume at first but the time frame does make sense. You know that saying that OLD FOLKS are SET IN THERE WAYS and DONT LIKE CHANGE! I wonder myself, if this applies to our PARROT. I don't have an old bird, I have two young ones, but the almost 2 year old won't even eat if I change my HAIR STYLE! So I this tells me from early on that THIS ONE is my NERVOUS girl, she doesn't like CHANGE and most of what I DO WITH HER will AFFECT her differently from my other Parrot. My other Parrot could care less for now! lol. / Things can change with time though, anything can happen with parrots. Your best bet is to get to AN AVIAN not a dog and cat/bird hospital/clinic. Go to the EXPERTS! Good Luck, I can only imagine how concerned and stressed you are. I feel for you.

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