Feather Problem

by Brad Johnson
(Norfolk, NE)

Hello My name is Brad Johnson. I am a veterinarian who owns a small animal practice in Nebraska. I have limited bird experience and am reaching out for a professional consult.
I have a client who has a Starling bird, 4 yrs old, that she hand raised. The birds name is Twirper. He is very tame, has a vocabulary of approximately 70 words and recieves excellent care.
He has a feather problem. 3-4 wing feathers are growing in with a very hard casing over them. The owner has used Veterycin ointment without success. Let me know if you are able to provide some guidance.
Brad Johnson, DVM

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Jan 21, 2012
Starling feather problem
by: The Avian Vet

The ointment needs to be discontinued immediately. This will only serve to cause the feathers to lose their thermoregularoty ability. This problem is likely caused by a virus, or it may nutritional. It could also be related to lighting or even thyroid disease.

Dr B

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