feather problems

i got a non plucking feather problem with my 4 year old female princess of wales parakeet she is half latina half normal basically the feather grown in as stalks mostly in the primaries the secondaries never grow in the tail dosent grow when feathers do grow they never comeout of the sheaths she is caged with a male of same breed who is in perfect condition i give her liquid iodine in her water which seems to fix the problem but i really need to discover the root cause

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Dec 21, 2011
Better diet for bird feather problems
by: The Avian Vet

Your bird may have a nutritional deficiency. Iodine may not be the best treatment for this problem.

What is best is to put your bird on a balanced diet and not supplement with anything. Pellets should make up 80% of the diet. Harrison's is the best, Roudybush is good.

Dr B

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