Feather pulling

We purchased a 5 month old male parakeet about 10 days ago we purchased a female parakeet about 4 months old yesterday 7/23/09. Thay seemed to get along really well almost like they were courting. Today the female is pulling feathers out from her backside and appears to be possibly cleaning her self is this anything to worry about?

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Jul 30, 2009
Bird pulling out feathers
by: The Vet

Pulling out feathers is not normal. You should have her examined by an avian veterinarian.

Dr B

Jul 27, 2009
Feather pulling
by: Linda

Well, I hate to have to tell you, but by putting these two together, you may be making a major mistake. Firstly, even if they are exhibiting breeding behavior, the female is not old enough to be able to lay eggs properly. Budgies are sexually mature at 3-4 months old, however it is NOT recommended they breed until at full 12 months of age. This gives both of them time to mature and to actually be ready to raise a nest of babies. Plus, the female may have problems laying eggs before a year old, which can and does result in egg binding which can result in death.

I have a link here where you can find out a lot of information about budgies like caging, feeding, breeding and so forth. It is http://www.letstalkbirds.com/budgie.htm#9. There are also many other places to find information about them, and you will need to do a lot of homework if planning on raising them later.

What I suggest for now is to put your birds in separate cages and allow them to play out together for short periods of time maybe several times a day if someone is home to supervise. The two cages are necessary right now, so just go back out and get another one for the other bird. When and if you get ready to breed them, a larger cage with a place cut out and finished for a nestbox will be necessary. It is okay for them to play together for short periods of time, but you will want to discourage breeding and laying of eggs. If you want to have two together, you'll need to take one of the sexes back and get another bird of the same sex.

Keep us posted, and thanks for writing.

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