feathers around missing

by lourens
(south africa)

good day!
i have a pair of kakirikis green and cinamon they get plenty of fresh fruit and veg but their feathers around the head is in bad condition and it seems to be very itchy i have given supplemants in water and in food but nothing seems to work?

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Sep 17, 2008
Kakirikis feather condition
by: Tracie

Dr. B does not recommend supplements, he feels they sometimes cause major health problems. It sounds like your birds are in an outdoor aviary also, so there are just too many factors for a vet to diagnose Online like this.

Some breeding birds will pluck feathers off their mates, this is another possibility.

I suggest you take your birds to an avian vet to get to the bottom of this.

Sep 17, 2008
missing feathers
by: lourens de lange

Ok the hen green one is about 2yrs old the kock cinnamon just over 1 yr.
I gave them vit tonic stoped that and started giving moulting vit cant remember name now but it is pink powder that u mix with drinking water.
Both birds feathers around head area is missing and in bad condition and it seems to be itchy they scratch allot ,tried bird powder incase of lice or something else not working tho.
There is plenty of toyes in the aviry and the aviry is big 3,5mx2m.
They have a fountain in the aviry and water get changed every week and do bath in it and they get fresh water daily together with chillies,brocolie,sunflower seeds that been sprouted apples, carrots,other seeds and other fruits every day.

Sep 15, 2008
Kakirikis feather condition
by: Tracie

In your title you say feathers are missing, and then in the text you say the feathers are in bad condition. Could you clarify this?

How old is your bird?
How long have you had your bird?
What supplements are you giving them?
Do they take baths, and is the water free of chlorine and other chemicals?

They could be molting, one or both could be chewing their feathers. I have a Green Cheeked Conure that chews her feathers and her cage mate's feathers when I don't provide enough foraging toys and activities.

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