Feathers has wet/dark spot on them (just saw to day)

by Vanessa Yoakem
(Arvada Co )

my parakeet has a wet spot and its kind of dark (almost like blood) i noticed it around 9:00am today and now its 4:01 pm im wondering if its okay like a scratch or could it be serious?

I have another parakeet in the cage with him but they have never fought and they have been living together for about 6 mounths. My parakeet seems to be okay he is cherping and i let him out for a bit and he flew around for awile like he always does. So will i need to be conseriend or is it just a scratch?

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Jan 09, 2013
Wet patch
by: Alex

Budgies / parakeets are very small birds as you are waware. Due to their small size they will have very little blood.

Any bleeding can result in severe blodd loss, and should always be seen to by an avian vet ASAP.

The amount of blood we lose from a small cut can be severe blood loss in a small bird.

Thanks for your question.

Jan 08, 2013
Bird possibly bleeding
by: Tracie

Please clarify, you noticed this around 9am and it is still wet around 4pm? That would mean the bird is still bleeding because the blood hasn't dried.

Dr B sometimes doesn't answer questins for days, so if the bird is injured you need to make an appointment with an avian vet. If the wound gets infected, it can become life threatening and cost way more than preventing the infection in the first place.

If you discover that the birds have just reached maturity and have decided they don't want to share a cage, you will need to quickly get another cage set up and keep them separated.

Please use this Find an Avian Vet link to find an avian vet for your bird.

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