Feathers Turning Black

by Darci
(Winnipeg, Canada)

I have a 5 year old Sun Conure whose yellow feathers on her nape and some of the smaller feathers on top of her wings on both sides have turned from yellow to half dark grey-black, the bottom half of the feathers.

I never noticed it before so I'm pretty sure this is a recent occurance. Also she has some black spots on the outer edges and some throughout some of her wing and tail feathers which the vet said looked like stress marks but didn't say anything else about it, however the yellow-black change in the nape and upper wing area has me concerned.

I am curious what has caused the nape feathers to turn dark-grey to black and what can be done to correct this or if this is any indication of disease? She has recently had her diet changed from mostly seeds to Harrison's high potency fine.

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Mar 13, 2009
Feathers turning black
by: The Vet

The changes in the feathers could be caused by poor nutrition, so it is good that you have changed her to Harrison's. These feathers will molt and the new ones will look better in 3-6 months if nutrition was the problem.

Other causes can be fungal infection in the feather, trauma to the feathers that break them off, excessive preening, and even some diseases such as liver disease will cause abnormal feathers.

You should proved a full spectrum light for your bird which will help him have healthier feathers. You should also bathe your bird regularly, at least once every week.

Dr. B

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