by Rebecca
(Perth WA)

Burt's Head

Burt's Head

I have a male(?) Alexandrine Parrot. Normally his feathers are impeccable, very neat. However in the last week he has started to look a little scraggly. The feathers on his chest and especially on the top of his head are a little grey and are rougher/sharper than usual. Instead of sitting flat, they are a little raised. He isn't going bald though. He is around 4 months old.

The dealer we bought him from was unsure of his age when we got him in November. Burt has a female friend he spends time with each day. She is also an Alexandrine, about 5 months old. Does this sound like he is molting? I have never had this type of bird before. He seems to be very healthy. He has a balanced diet and has lots of toys.

Also, he still tends to bite whenever he is on or in his cage. His cage is in the lounge room and even when he is out of it, he still wants to be ON it. He is constantly trying to fly to it, even when we feed him.

He is loving and does take food from my fingers, but he is addicted to his cage. Should I remove it when he is out? Should it be kept outside? Also how long does it normally take to teach an Alexandrine to talk? He squawks a lot but still no talking.

Sorry for the long questions! I have a book on them but it doesn't answer these kind of queries!

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Jan 23, 2008
Probably Molting
by: Vet

It appears the bird is molting, but it is not clear. If the feathers have a hard shaft, then the bird is molting. These feathers might be very sensitive and painful.

Some birds feel safe in the cage and will protect the cage. In time the bird may prefer you.

Some birds never learn to talk, there are never any guarantees. Sometimes they are about a year old or more before they they start talking.

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