by nicola

Hello I am slightly concerned about my black headed caique as she has a small patch on her back where she has been picking her feathers, I have just treated for mites i think i have got rid of them all...she seems happy, and eating well.. Will her feathers grow back and how can i stop her from doing this..
She seems happy in her self

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Nov 10, 2009
Have vet look at "bugs" under a microscope
by: The Vet

I find this very surprising since I have never in my 30+ years of dealing with birds seen a bird other than a budgie have mites, and the wing is not a location one would normally find mites. Also, mites are rarely if ever found OFF of the bird crawling around in the environment.

If there are bugs crawling in the cage, I would not necessarily assume they are mites. Someone should catch one and look at it under magnification to identify it. It could also be lice (which is also rare in parrots), or fruit flies or other pests. In my opinion over the counter mite sprays and protectors are very dangerous and should never be used.

You should take your bird in to see an avian veterinarian for a diagnosis. Not the one you called, because if they recommended going to a pet store to but over the counter treatments, then they may not know much about treating birds.

Dr B

Nov 09, 2009
Feathers missing on Caique
by: The Vet

I cannot tell from this picture all of the characteristics of this lesion (patch), for example whether it is raised, or inflamed, etc. It looks like a very focal lesion that it probably related to a medical condition and not a behavior.

I very seriously doubt that this was caused by mites. I have never, in all of my 31 years handling birds seen a large parrot with mites. Budgies are the only species that I have seen with mites.

I recommend that you discontinue all over the counter treatments and not use them again. They are dangerous and can cause more harm than help. This lesion needs to be examined by an avian veterinarian to determine the correct diagnosis and receive proper treatment.

Dr B

Nov 08, 2009
by: nicola

Thank you for your response.

I rang and spoke to the vet regarding mites as these small mites were crawling in her cage and on her so they told me to go tpet shop and buy some mite treatment which i did and they seem to have gone, she is a happy content bird and is eating and playing well, she hasnot picked the same spot as i have been keeping a close vigil on her, but i am just slightly concerned that her feathers will grow back! theres no other patches on her where she is pickin feathers..
Do u still think i should take her to an avian vet?

Nov 07, 2009
by: Linda

Did an Avian vet diagnose bird with mites? If not, how did you arrive at that conclusion?

Feathers should grow back if bird will leave area alone. It sounds like the problem, whatever it is, is not resolved.

If you've not been to an Avian vet, I highly recommend you do so as there may be more to this situation than you think.

As long as bird's skin is irritated, and she keeps picking at the place, the feathers will not come back in and infection will be next. There is a reason she is still picking at this place, so take her in for a diagnosis and treatment so her feathers can come back in.


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