Fecal Sample and Giardia Testing

by Darci
(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Hello, I am writing once again in regards to my Sun Conure and the bubbles in her droppings. I visited the vet on Sunday and ended up leaving with more questions then I came in with... unfortunately the vet I seen is only in Sundays and Tuesdays so I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle in terms of finding out what is wrong with my bird.

She took a fecal sample from a dropping that consisted mostly of water and some from a dropping in her carrier that was at least half an hour old since there wasn't much fecal matter in the watery dropping she produced while at the office. She said everything looked normal under the microscope but I'm not sure if the sample was good enough to tell and would like your opinion on whether she should have another fecal done.

Also she didn't do a cloacal culture or sample because she didn't see any bacterial in the Gram stain... she sent me home with a tube to collect 1g of droppings over the week that she will send in to the lab to test for Giardia. Have you ever heard of this method of testing of Giardia and if not what do you suggest I do to get a better picture of what is going on? She still has bubbles in her droppings daily and is sleeping a lot during the day.

She has went from 122g to 109g since December and has bald patchs under each wing, her chest and she is itchy/picking at her skin all over which is why the vet thinks we should test for Giardia.

I don't know what to do now that I've spent $250.00 and got no answers (the blood test results were suppose to come back Tuesday and I haven't heard back from the vet's office yet.)

I'm getting very frustrated and am thinking I may ask for a refund or something so I can get a second opinion from someone who will be more helpful as I was unsatisfied with how they handled my case.

Also during the blood test before she could put pressure on the incision to ensure clotting when the test was finished either the vet or the assitant let my bird loose and she had to be recaptured to stop the bleeding, which really shook me up.. what do you suggest I do?

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Mar 06, 2009
Giardia and fecal sample
by: The Vet

This weight loss and the fact that she is sleeping a lot during the day are indications that there is something wrong. You should have a heating pad on her cage to keep her warm. The ambient temp needs to be 90-95┬║F.

Giardia is best looked for in very fresh droppings. Collecting them over a few days is going to make it difficult to find the organism.

Have you considered taking her someplace else for a second opinion?

Search these two sites for other places www.aav.org www.abvp.com

Dr B

Mar 04, 2009
by: Anonymous

When my cockatiel suddenly started plucking her feathers and loosing weight my avian vet suspected giardia but rather than doing test he just put her on an antibiotic. Within eight days she she had quit plucking and was back to normal. I was upset that he didn't do any testing but after your story I'm kinda glad he didn't. Her feathers still haven't grown back but she has put on some weight.

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