feeding a 1day old baby macaw

by hussain shah

what to feed a 1day old baby macaw?

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Jan 15, 2013
feeding a 1day old baby macaw
by: Linda

A one day old Macaw or any kind of parrot this age will die in your care. This age is way too young to sell or give away. They have to be fed every hour or two with a pipette which is the smallest and only tool to use. It is so small that only a little baby parrot handfeeding formula can be drawn up into it making it mandatory to feed at least every two hours around the clock. This baby bird is going to die, so I suggest you take him back where you got him and tell them that he is too young to sell or give away. He will need to be fed with the tiny pipette for quite a while until his crop is large enough to hold more food fed with a syringe.

If you have no exeperience with handfeeding older birds, you will not keep this one alive. Baby parrots are fed baby parrot handfeeding formula only because they cannot digest any other kind of food. The formula mimics a mother bird's crop milk and is easily digested. This baby bird will be dead in a few days if you don't know what you are doing. Sorry for the bad news especially for the bird.


Jan 12, 2013
What to feed a 1 day old bird
by: Tracie

Linda, an experienced breeder that answers questions on this site, will likely know but seriously you need to just return the bird to whoever you got it from if you have the bird.

If you are thinking about getting an unweaned bird, then don't. The reason people sell unweaned birds to people that have no clue how to care for them, is because they just want money. Their birds are likely unhealthy and diseased, so the babies are not healthy either. They know the baby may not live through your hand feeding it and don't care.

Please read this To Wean or Not To Wean article that an avian vet wrote.

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