feeding a 8 week old sun conure

by mathew garry haley
(nsw wollongong)

hi iv jus bought a sun conure called gizmo
he seems to be begging for food how do i know for sure he is hungry or if he jus wants attention cause even when i get him out of his cage he still sits on me n nods his head the whole time
he also keeps flapping one wing
but his other wing has been clipped so im not sure if he is only flapping his wing that is not clipped because he has hurt it or if he jus dosent flap the other one cause it has been clipped
please any advice will be appreciated
thank u mathew and gizmo

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Nov 28, 2011
baby sun conure possibly hungry
by: Tracie

Sometimes baby birds just weaned DO revert back to needing to be hand fed. If your bird is not eating properly then you will need to take the bird back to the breeder or have the breeder teach you how to hand feed the bird. I can't tell if your bird is hungry by your description, sorry.

If your bird is not moving both wings properly, then it could be injured. Please Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird if it has not been seen by an avian vet and given a clean bill of health before being sold to you.

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