Feeding a baby bird

by Dany

When should you feed your baby bird and how much food?

Also What are some tips that you could give me about how to take care of the baby bird and some cautions I should Take.

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May 12, 2012
yellow bird
by: rebacca webber

hi, i agree with linda u should do what limda said my bird is really hurt because it has a broken wing but it wont eat at all and all it does is sleep and sing any way u should do what linda said. rebecca webber

May 26, 2010
From karachi
by: Shaheryar

U can give cerelac
4spoon Gripe water + 1spoon cerelac : Best diet

Aug 17, 2009
My Bird is a Sun Conure.
by: Anonymous

My Type of bird is a Sun Conure its 3 weeks old.
I just want to know how long should I feed my conure ?

Aug 17, 2009
feeding ababy parrot
by: Zeeny from Islamabad. Pakistan

Hi, wasjust reading about your baby bird, well here in Pakistan we dont have any such avian vet, I relied on my local pet shop person, I bought my indian red neck parakeet when it was about 6 weeks old and had some feathers, I fed it with CERELAC( the first fed for a human bby, well what else could I do) rice mixed with water and took a syringe. I used to feed my per about every four hours very little at a time, now my baby is 18 months od and bright, chirpy, cheeky and learnng to talk. he makes these cheeky cat meows and responds to hisname as well as understanding the command to step up onto my hand. well this is my experience, thought it would be interesting to share.

Aug 17, 2009
by: Linda

First of all, I don't know what kind of baby bird you are feeding. You need to have some baby parrot handfeeding formula that mixes with water and is fed using a syringe with a tip on it. You can also use small spoon, but this is not the best way.You can feed this to any baby bird whether parrot or soft bill.

You can get the handfeeding formula out here or you can call around to your local pet store and get some there. Follow the directions on package about how much water to how much formula. It needs to be fed warmed--not so hot it burns your wrist, but warm enough so baby can digest. Think of how mother bird's crop milk is. It is inside her crop, so it is at least her own body temperature. For the soft billed songbirds outside, it is the same kind of thing. Mother's milk is always body temperature, so you must guard against it being too hot. Try a drop or so on your own wrist and if it burns or feels too hot, it will most likely burn baby bird.

You must feed a small baby with not many feathers the handfeeding formula. Baby birds will die if fed a variety of stuff you have around the house. Feed NO milk or milk products as this will poison baby. In other words, get to store and get this baby some food. The syringes, with tips, can sometimes be bought in pet stores, but the best places are feed and seed stores which you should have in your area. If the bird is very small, use a smaller syringe with a tip. Get a few sizes so you can use the one best for the bird. Depending on bird's age, it may need up to 4 feedings a day with the last one at night. Birds always sleep through the night after last feeding and are up at 5-6am next morning.

When syringe feeding, set baby on kitchen counter top on a towel and make sure it does not fall off, gently hold baby's head so it does not jerk around, insert a little bit of the tip in mouth and only push in enough so baby can swallow between each mouthful. In other words, put some in and allow baby to swallow or you will hurt baby by aspirating formula into its lungs. This causes pneumonia and is usually fatal for a baby bird.

Let us know what happens and what kind of bird this is.


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