feeding aggression problem

by Peace Bhamra

Hi, I have a pair of 3 year old budgies. Problem is that the male doesn't allow the female to eat or drink from the bowl so I have to hand feed her. Why such behaviour?

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Sep 11, 2012
Male bird not letting female eat
by: D. Singh

Hi there,

Whether male or female, you should never have all the three birds in one cage. You don't know when they could fight and injure each other. I've three birds myself, a 4 year old Orange Winged Amazon name Sid, a 17 year old Cockatiel name Fran and a Budgie name Koochie who is about 6 years old. Each one has their own cage but that doesn't mean that they can't hang out together sometimes. Whenever I'm in the livingroom where they're, I let them out. As soon as I let them out the Budgie and the Amazon goes into the Cockatiel's cage and sit together. BUT they do not go into the Cockatiel's food or water.

You'll have to train them from the first day that you've them so they'll know it's not to eat or drink from any bowls except their own. I used to see my Amazon going towards my Cockatiel's bowl and I always said to him, no Sid you don't go there, that's not yours, go in your cage for your food. Now I don't have that problem he stopped doing it after a few no no's; as soon as I say no no he'll go back on the perch.

I'll definitly NOT house all my birds in one cage though. Everyone needs their own space, also animals. If I were you I'll get separate cages for each one and try training them, it's not too late. Good luck with your birds and God bless!

Sep 11, 2012
Male not letting bird eat
by: Tracie

It could be that if you had a much larger cage, with several feeding stations, that this bird would get along fine. Often aggression is a problem when you have too many birds in a small space.

The problem could be that you have birds together in a cage that need to be in separate cages. You can't make birds get along, some birds just can not live together.

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