feeding alfalfa and wheat-grass

Is alfalfa and wheat-grass safe for my parrots to eat?

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May 30, 2013
Is alfalfa and wheat grass safe for my parrot
by: Anonymous

I would not feed my bird anything but organic. Alfalfa is genetically modified and the wheat on the market today is not original wheat because it also has been modified to have more chromosomes than it should have and this is why people are having trouble with wheat who do not have celiac disease. Todays wheat also has opiate -like compounds which make one addicted to this modern day wheat. I would buy einkorn wheat and sprout them yourself. You can read about this from a book called, Wheat Belly Cookbook, written by Dr. William Davis. Or maybe he has a website with this info. This information is pertinent to all living things who require a diet for health in living the longest life possible.I would say anything that is not healthy for us would not be healthy for our pets.
Pat G.

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