Feeding for my Indian Ringneck

My Indian Ringneck Parrot seems to always be hungery! He is 9 weeks old and i mostly feed him his baby formula in the morning and at night with a few treats inbetween. how much should i be feeding him per day?

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Jan 01, 2012
Feeding for my Indian Ringneck
by: Linda

You are starving this bird, so begin to feed the handfeeding formula 3-4 times a day. Weaning does not begin until bird is around 12 weeks old and then it is begun not a finished deal.

Weaning is a process, and your bird has been needing a lot more feedings than you're giving him. Feed him in the morning, around noon or 1pm, again at 5-6pm and if he's still hungry and/or crop is empty, feed another feed around 9pm. You can space this out differently because bird needs to be asleep by 9pm to get the proper rest he needs. This means in a dark quiet place covered if required. Birds have to have around 12 hours of darkness and the same of full spectrum light provided by overhead or floor lamp full spectrum lights found in stores that carry bird supplies. The lights are full spectrum, so do not get the colored ones at the home improvement stores as thse are NOT full spectrum. This light does not come in through windows because the glass cuts out all except the red, blue and yellow colors which are only strong enough for plants.

As Tracie said, you need to get your bird to an Avian Vet so he can be checked out for infections or other physical issues. Your bird has been starving to death, so there may be physical problems from this that have to be taken care of.


Dec 31, 2011
Hand feeding instructions for parrot
by: Tracie

You can not wait for Dr B to answer this question, your bird may starve by then. Please call the breeder you purchased this bird from and either return the bird or get the proper training for hand feeding your bird from them.

Also please read our To Wean or Not To Wean article written by our avian vet.

Linda, an experienced breeder who answers questions here, may notice this question and help you, but don't wait for her, find help NOW.

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