feeding ringneck parrot

by jennifer

i have baby ringneck parrot,he has 1 month old. he ate 60 ml every day (20 ml everytime, 4 times per day). i would like to know how muck can i feed my parrot every day? and i would like to know how i do the hand feeding food ez: juicy or no? and if he doest not do toilet what can i do to help him? because i had 1 baby parrot and he doest not do toilet regulary and he dead andd i don't want to be the same with my baby ring neck parrot.

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Dec 01, 2012
Feeding a ringneck parrot
by: Tracie

It all depends on the bird. Please find a breeder where you live to help you in person.

Dec 01, 2012
feeding my parrot
by: Anonymous

Would just like to know when do I start feeding my baby proper food.. He has been eating the baby formula.and how much when its time. Thank you

Oct 31, 2011
My baby ringnek is refusing to eat
by: anika

My baby ringnek is refusin to eat his formula so i gave him grated apple. can I do that?and what can i do to get him to eat I am so worried. why is he not eating?

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Jun 08, 2011
feeding your ringneck
by: Roe

At 1 month old I was still feeding my baby ringneck 5x a day. I gave him formula that was the same consistency as apple sauce. While their this young the only fluids they get is from the formula. If the don't get enough they die. My ringneck is now 3 months old and doing great.

Jun 06, 2011
feeding ringneck parrot
by: Linda

Your baby Ringneck Parakeet needs to be eating more than 60ml a day of baby parrot handfeeding formula. There is some on this site if you can get it into your country. Nothing else will keep baby healthy until weaning time. He needs to be eating about 25-30mls of the baby parrot handfeeding formula at least 3-4 times a day. Do not overfeed. In other words, if the baby's crop is full, then it is done with that meal. Make sure you have learned how to feed using a syringe because feeding with a spoon causes a lot of air to go into the crop sack and causes bird much discomfort, and it cannot eat enough food at a sitting.

If you have no training in feeding with a syringe, then get with a breeder immediately and learn how and what they are feeding, how much and how often. Your bird needs to be eating and pooping regularly, and food must be warm enough to be easily digested. Cold food just sits in the crop and rots and is the cause of many baby bird's deaths.

All this is what you should have learned BEFORE either breeding or buying an unweaned baby. I hope this one is not another dead baby in the making. Let us know how it goes when you have time and good luck with keeping this baby alive.


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