feeding tube lost in the crop

by ximan

hi my friend has lost the feeding tube inside his red lory. i also lost twice once in a red-rump but manage to get it out. but this lory is fully feathered and the tube is about 2 or 2and a half inch long thin rubber tube. i can see the two ends round like a necklace around the crop, i have tried many times and came close two times but it gulps it back. i was just wondering what will happen if it was left. will the bird vomit it out at some stage of life or will it get destroyed by time. and will it do any harm to the bird if it was left inside. please advice me. i'm just very worried that it's still inside.

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May 21, 2008
no vet
by: Anonymous

sorry we dont have a single animal or bird vet here in Maldives. so what's best ..pls advice me

May 19, 2008
Lory with feeding tube in crop
by: Tracie

Please take the bird to a vet ASAP. This is not a safe situation for the bird.

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