feeding unweaned baby parrot

by Sohana

Hellow. i just bought a few weeks old baby parrot..he has feathers on his wings head n has a veryyy tiiny winny tail..he seems very healthy but i want to be more sure about his feeding n stuff..except for sleeping, he makes noise all da time..is dat natural? and he kind of tries to eat whenever i'm around, but i'm scared dat i might over feed him..and can i do anything for his entertainment? he's too small to play wid toys yet (i think). but i'll do wotever is good for him, so i welcome any suggestion u can give. thanks.

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Feb 24, 2011
plucking feathers
by: Anonymous

hello everyone.

i have a red-breasted conure. she is plucking her outer feathers (only the outer feathers, she leaves all her down feathers) from where the stripes stop and to private area. all red feathers are gone and this has been coming on for a couple of months: I see that now but not through the long process of plucking.

what a wonderful site this is.

Feb 08, 2011
feeding unweaned baby parrot
by: Linda

Your bird is crying all the time because he is starving to death. Baby parrots this young should not be placed into homes that do not already know how to handfeed baby parrot formula with a syringe.

If you got him from a breeder, take him back immediately because he will die without proper feedings. Syringe feeding is a learned skill and there are many dangers to one not trained in how to do it.Have breeder show you how, and get some powdered baby parrot handfeeding formula and correct sized syringes so you can feed him right.

Please, please take him back to breeder so he can be weaned properly before being placed or sold to a new home. I don't know what kind of parrot this is, and all of them are needing handfeeding with baby parrot formula using a syringe for a long time more.


Feb 08, 2011
Feeding an unweaned baby parrot
by: Tracie

Honestly, you should not have been sold a bird that is not weaned. You should take the bird back to the breeder and let them hand feed the bird until it is weaned. If they will not take the bird back, then THEY should train you how to feed the bird and answer your questions when you are needing help.

You didn't mention what kind of parrot you have, so I am not sure anyone can help you with instructions over the Internet.

Please read the article about unweaned parrots on my Parrot Training page and you will see that there are NO benefits to hand feeding a bird.

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