feeding worms and insects

by Deborah

I have 2 green cheeked conure, and my fiance just recently moved in with me and he keeps trying to feed them an earth worm that he feeds his lizard. Is is safe to let my little birds eat earth worms and crickets?

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Apr 14, 2011
worms and insects for conures
by: The Avian Vet

No. Earthworms and insects are not an appropriate snack for your green-cheeked conures.

Dr B

Apr 14, 2011
feeding worms and insects
by: Linda

No, it is not safe and have him stop trying to feed them something that could possibly kill them. In fact, his lizards need to be fed clean, home raised crickets/worms and not anything found outside on the nasty ground. (You may already be feeding safe ones to the lizard, I realize.) There are kits to be found in pet stores and online where he can start growing a colony of crickets/worms for his reptiles. It's a lot easier and cleaner than trying to catch enough to feed the reptiles, plus they need to be eating a healthy diet with other items added.

If you are feeding your birds a healthy diet of organic mixes, they do not need any other kind of protein. I used to feed my Ariel Toucan mealworms that we raised ourselves and knew them to be clean and disease/germ free. We also fed her Mynah Bird pellets, fresh fruit and veggies to complete her diet. Parrots cannot eat more than one or two of the mealworms a week as the protein is so concentrated it causes a dietary imbalance plus it made them hyper-active. If they were having to forage for their food, they would still be getting very little insect protein as birds do not need that much since it is such a concentrated form of protein.

So, take a look at the organic pellets found here and try one or two out with your birds so you know they are getting a complete, healthy balanced diet and tell your guy to leave your birds alone with the worms and bugs.

Thanks for writing and for caring enough about your birds to do so,


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